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U070 - Über Plays Minecraft pt. 029

The epic search for diamond continues, and it decides to drag on for a good long time... the shocking conclusion of this video, however, will make the wait well worth your time!\r
Opening Song: The Minecraft Song - Bobby Yarsulik
ellzd : Just a point of view don't attack monsters because they won't attack you
Uberphish : @guywith5pies I've been switching the font around with each into card, but I may eventually settle on one and just change the colors. I think I'd choose something less cursive-like, though. Some people have issues reading it.
Rednaxx3 : i like the new intro font! and i think that caves have become much more sparse since infdev good job finding one ;D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Ladik R-120 Random CV + U-070 Manual Gate/Tap Tempo (prototypes)

Foghorn : One of the great random modules, I have 3 of them. Oh and a U-070 too.

Jivan kem safal thai Pratrank 166 NJ USA 12 07 1998 57M U070

@ koba Atmanandji Pujyashree Pujyashri




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