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Lenovo ThinkStation P520 Review & Unboxing!

Today is all about Lenovo ThinkStation P520 review and unboxing. Using the Lenovo ThinkStation P520 was a dream machine. Very powerful the way it was sent to me so I could review for you guys. Please enjoy and be safe.

0:00 Quick ThinkStation P520 Unboxing
0:20 Introduction
0:38 What's inside the box?
1:17 ThinkStation P520 Ports
2:36 Cable Setup on ThinkStation P520
2:56 ThinkStation P520 Weight
3:09 Power On ThinkStation P520
3:20 ThinkStation P520 Sound Controller
4:41 ThinkStation P520 Specs
5:59 ThinkStation P520 Quadro P4000 Info
7:32 ThinkStation P520 Vents Location
7:40 ThinkStation P520 Heating
7:57 Application Performance
8:24 ThinkStation P520 Pricing
8:45 Who is it build for?
9:16 External Monitors
9:58 Open Up ThinkStation P520
10:23 ThinkStation P520 Upgrades Features
11:07 Conclusion

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BTNHD : I had a lot of fun using this machine. Would love to have that P4000 graphic card on my build home build desktop machine
vicchopin : cool review. thanks
Daniel Shimony : Great review man!!
How about fan noise levels?? DPC Latency??
Considering this machine as an audio production station and would really appreciate your input on these aspects.
Sebastian Lind : Good review, how much did it cost you?
Pancho Villaronga : Hola Bernardo , do you buy all stuff for reviewing and testing or trade for ads with some companies ?

Nikon Coolpix P520 preview

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janelle g : How to send photos to an iphone?
H T : Hi, could you please tell me how to send pics to iPhone from the camera?
Lani Macho : No mic jacks?
Sourav Pal : How does the gps button work?
C D Hanks : What is with the weird thread inside the lens barrel. It looks like 52mm but it is not. I want an adapter to screw into the lens. The only one I see is for 62mm filter. Does anyone know of one for 52-58mm.

Lenovo ThinkStation P520c Workstation REVIEW

Today we are reviewing a pint-sized powerhouse, the Lenovo ThinkStation P520 compact workstation or in layman’s terms, the P520c. This is the snack-sized version of the full-sized ThinkStation P520. And, as the name implies it’s also the smallest ThinkStation tower in the lineup. However, what you get is one of the most powerful single-socket workstations on the market, with the most memory capacity of any entry-level workstation. Or, at least that’s what they say. Workstations are defined by the use of enterprise-grade components and support for at least one graphics card. Lenovo delivers with a very powerful…Watch the video!

George Muzzi won the free tee-shirt people but here's the clip

Lenovo ThinkStation P520c Workstation — PRICING

Lenovo ThinkStation P520c Workstation — SPECIFICATIONS

Lenovo ThinkStation P520c Workstation — USER GUIDE
Panmeshwar Painkra : Bhaiya ye cpu ka motherboard dila do na please
Mr_Beezlebub : Nice review! I'm not exactly in the market for a Lenovo workstation (I build my own machines whenever possible), but it looks like a well built computer.
George Muzzi : The quote is from "Conan the Barbarian" with Arnold Schwarzenegger.




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